Embriões 2013/2014

1- EF Fera Brown x Mr Cash Times
2- Jamaican Star x Victory Fly
3- Trouble Firewater x Famous Lane
4- Trouble Firewater x El Shady Zorrero
5- Fergie Wars x Victory Fly
6- FSL Wet Trouble Cath x Top Firewater
7- Nataly Tol Fame x Victory Fly
8- Nataly Tol Fame x Dean Miracle
9- Quick Fame x A Streak Of Fling
10- Quick Fame x  A Streak Of Fling
11- Linda Cath x Famous Lane
12- Honey Effort x El Shady Zorrero
13- Memes Rapid Dash x Dash Ta Fame
14- FSL Mel First Cath x Victory Fly
15- Signed The Rich x El Shady Zorrero
16- Carazinho In Concert x El Shady Zorrero
17- Im On Firewater x Dash Ta Fame